Hateley Heath Primary School

Safeguarding Statement 

In order to view our Safeguarding Policies, see our 'Policies' section of our website under the heading 'About Us'.

The welfare and safety of children who attend Hateley Heath Primary School  is our paramount concern. We will promote the health, well being and safety of the pupils in all we do. Our children have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or social background. They have a right to be safe in our school. Our setting recognises and understands its statutory responsibilities to work together in partnership with other agencies to help children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.


Hateley Heath Primary School strives to promote the welfare of our children by:

  • Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment
  • Identifying child welfare concerns and taking appropriate action
  • Using the curriculum to enable our children to develop keep safe strategies
  • Creating a listening culture to hear the child’s voice
  • Operating safe recruitment and selection procedures to prevent unsuitable people working with our children

Designated Persons for Child Protection


Miss Louise Howells – Designated Lead

Mrs Lorraine Adams - Interim Head Teacher - Deputy Lead

 Miss Genna Ridley - LSA/DSL

Mrs Joanne Humphries  - LSP/DSL

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Governor for Safeguarding – Rachel Morgan-Gutherie

Safeguarding – Louise Howells/Lorraine Adams

Laura Jewkes/Joanne Humphries

Training/Updates for Safeguarding – Louise Howells

Attendance – Louise Howells

E-Safety – Lorraine Adams/Simon Halfhead/Louise Howells

Lead First Aiders – Rachel Parkes/Sam Darcy/Tracey Woodard/Tina Barnsley

Risk Assessments (children) – Lorraine Adams

SEND – Lorraine Adams/Caroline Walker

Behaviour – Simon Halfhead

Trips/Evolve – Leanne Wooldridge

Health and Safety – Elaine Easie/Alan Hill

Risk assessments (site) – Alan Hill