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Hateley Heath Primary School


Here at Hateley Heath, we have been working hard to improve our Maths across the whole school.

We really believe in learning for life so we have developed 'Real life Maths weeks!

We use these weeks to plan, budget, weigh, compare, measure, organise information, bake...the list is endless.

We have also had a big push on the importance of concrete, pictorial and abstract progression (CPA) in our visual calculations policy and we feel that this will really help our children to move through the many Maths aspects of fluency - in its varied forms - reasoning, problem solving and the incorporation of these mathematical concepts in cross-curricular lesson such as Science.

Our children now really enjoy Maths and say it's 'very challenging'! - 



Many parents have commented or asked about the way arithmetic methods are taught now so children from our school have kindly modelled the different methods used for each year group.

Please navigate to 'parents', 'homework' and finally 'How we teach Maths...'.




Maths Overviews 2018 -2019

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