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Covid-19 Parent Support

Class Dojo

Teachers are constantly providing new resources and are contactable through Class Dojo if you need to contact your child's class teacher directly for support in home schooling your child. Resources are available on school story and your child's class story. Resources added to school story are added onto this page.

We have invited all parents to join Class Dojo and provided their codes. If you are not set up, have lost your child's code or need support in getting your account set up, please contact school on 0121 556 0370 and a member of staff will help you. Please ensure you set up as a parent and not a teacher, student or school leader. You can set up your account and log in on the app which is available on ios and Android devices, or at the following link - Class Dojo

Letters and Information regarding Covid-19

 Coronavirus Lockdown - A message from your local community police.pdfDownload
 Domestic abuse support in the West Midlands During Covid -19.pdfDownload
 Keeping Children Safe online.pdfDownload
 Letter from the Head Teacher.pdfDownload
 Minister Ford's open letter to the SEND sector.pdfDownload
 New Rules CoVID-19.pdfDownload
 NHS Advice.pdfDownload
 NSPCC and DfE helpline toolkit - final[9768].pdfDownload
 Sources of financial support for families.pdfDownload
 Transition-in every year group.pdfDownload
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Well-being and online safety during this period



  • There is a YouTube channel called Cosmic Kids who provide videos on yoga and mindfulness which will help calm and relax children (and adults too). It even has movie specials to really engage children - Cosmic Kids


  • Here are some activity packs that you can download and complete at home. They are all related to Internet safety. It is vital that whilst we might be using devices connected to the Internet more during this period, we remember to be careful and responsible - Think U Know

Home Resources - Documents

 Activities for 4-5s.pdfDownload
 Activities for 5-7s.pdfDownload
 Activities for 8-10s.pdfDownload
 Can you beat the wall - Primary.pdfDownload
 Covid-19 Time Capsule.pdfDownload
 How not to go to school.pdfDownload
 Letter Join Access.pdfDownload
 Resource Pack covid 19 emotional wellbeing.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Online Resources



  • Here is a website that offers free phonic based comics. It's probably more aimed towards EYFS/KS1 but may be appropriate for some children in KS2 - Phonics Play Comics
  • Written and presented by phonics experts and funded by the Department for Education, these online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school. This resource is for use by teachers and parents who will find planning and teaching phonics challenging when schools are closed due to Covid-19. Three sets of lessons will be available. One set for Reception and one for Year 1, based on where children are expected to be in their learning by the summer term. A third set of lessons aims to reach the children in Reception who need more practise with their blending. A guidance film for parents to explain the basics of Phonics and how parents can support their child is also available.
    From Monday 27 April, a new lesson will be uploaded Monday to Friday at the times below during the summer term. *After upload, each lesson will then be available to watch throughout the summer term.’ Visit their YouTube channel here - Letters and Sounds


  • There is an american Illustrator from Harptoons publishing, who is conducting Facebook live drawing along sessions at 6pm (UK time) each day. He creates incredible cartoons using simple easy to follow techniques, which would be suitable for children across our school. All you need to join in is a pencil and some paper - Harptoons Publishing
  • You’ll find lots of draw along lessons on Instagram and Facebook from famous illustrators. Rob Biddulph (Show and Tell, Odd Dog Out) and Nick Sharratt (illustrator of the Jacqueline Wilson books) regularly post videos.



  • Adam from Primary History Workshops, who regularly visits Hateley to conduct his phenomenal history workshops is creating some free educational videos during school closures. Visit his YouTube channel here - Primary History Workshops
  • (Age 7 and up) Join host Greg Jenner for a rambunctious romp through 17th century Britain to learn all about Charles II and the restoration of the monarchy. As well as finding out where to get the best cup of coffee in Restoration London, we’ll discover why Charles II was known as the Merry Monarch (spoiler - there’s lots of parties) and how he reacted when Parliament decided to chop off his Dad’s head. Listen in for a homeschool history lesson on the ultimate King of Bling. It is funny, informative with some silly jokes! - Homeschool History The Restoration 


  • FizzPop Science do interactive Live Stream for you to get involved in Science from home! Visit their website and contacts page and contact your local branch via the web form - FizzPop Science
  • The Primary Science Teaching Trust are posting science investigation ideas on their website every week. All the activities have downloadable instructions and use household materials. - Primary Science Teaching Trust 
  • Here is a free science encyclopaedia website that you could use to answer any science questions your child may have. It is divided into all the topics your child will encounter during primary school so you can see exactly what they need to learn about in each year group - KeyStageWiki
  • Maddie Moate, who normally presents the CBeebies series Maddie's Do You Know?, is now running science classes on her YouTube channel. She is live at 11am every day, but the videos are still on her channel if you can't get online at that time. Join her and Greg to find out more about science and nature - Maddie Moate Science Class
  • Visit the E-Bug website for fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics - E-Bug


  • We encourage parents to continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars during our time off. This will be helpful in keeping multiplication facts fresh in the children's heads! We have also signed up to Numbot, this is an additional feature of the Times Tables Rock Stars company with a focus on number bonds. You can access this with your original Times Tables Rock Stars username and password but you will need to go on the Numbot website or download the app. If you are unaware of your child's username or password or your child has forgotten, we can send these to you via Class Dojo.
  • The White Rose Maths Team (which is the maths scheme used throughout our school) has also prepared a series of five brand new maths lessons for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully at home - White Rose Maths
  • The Maths Factor (from Carol Vorderman) is also now free! It is suitable for all children from Early Years to Year 6 - Maths Factor
  • There's a website called the maths hub which is offering loads of free resources to parents. All you need to do is create an account and then browse through! - Maths Hub


  • It is important that you read with your child every day. Epic reading is free for 30 days if you want to take advantage of this - Epic
  • If you have a Sandwell Library card you could also benefit from using Borrow Box to download ebooks and audiobooks. You can check out the app on ios or Android.
  • Audible are also sharing a whole collection of children's stories to listen to right now for free, for as long as school is closed. Use the link below to sign up for free - Audible
  • Collins also have free books to read online with Big Cat. Username and password is below - Collins Connect


Password: Parents20!

If you have a look at your child's current reading book it will tell you which book band level it is. Our book scheme for years R-y2 is slightly different as we also have Big Cat phonic books. The levels may differ slightly.

  • Book Trust are also giving parents access to free audible books, quizzes and lots of fun activities you could do at home - e.g quizzes, jigsaws and free recipes that are all related to books! - BookTrust


  • There’s lots of free fun spelling, punctuation and grammar games on the Top Marks website -

Top Marks 5-7 Year olds

Top Marks 7-11 Year olds


  • If you, or your child, have always wanted to learn an instrument, now’s the time to do it.

    Mastering an instrument takes time so it would be an ideal way to spend the afternoons and evenings after school and work.

    Guitar maker Fender has made its online courses FREE for three months and you choose between acoustic, electric, bass or ukelele in a variety of different styles from country and pop to rock and blues. It normally costs £10 a month to do this course so this is a good deal - Fender Play




  • To help support and promote Computational Thinking Barefoot Computing have launched their free Barefoot home learning page. With just one click (and no need for logins), parents/carers can continue to build their child’s computing skills in an enjoyable and accessible way - through popular lessons made into easy activities, fun ‘mini missions’ and interactive online games! To get your pupils debugging, persevering and creating at home with their families please share our page far and wide; through your school websites, blogs, social media and your own individual networks - Barefoot Computing

General printable workbooks:

  • For KS1 and KS2, TTS have made workbooks that you can print for your child to complete - TTS Workbooks
  • For Reception and Nursery children (or KS1/KS2 wishing to find additional work), you can sign up to Twinkl using code UKTWINKLHELPS. This will allow you to access a wide range of activities.


French and Spanish Lessons:

  • Educational software company Rosetta Stone is offering school children free access to its language courses for three months to help kids who are learning from home.
    It normally costs £50 to sign up for three months so this could be worth looking into. You can choose from French, Spanish, Italian or German - and if you have more than one child you can sign them all up using different email addresses - Rosetta Stone




  • BBC Bitesize are now doing daily lessons for each year group for a range of subjects across the curriculum - BBC Bitesize

  • The Family Information Service has also rounded-up all of the educational and fun resources they could find by ages and topics for families staying at home. They have put this on their Family information service Facebook and Twitter pages.


  • The scouts great indoors website also has many activities for children to try at home and indoors and help them with learning new skills - The scouts great indoors


  • There are hundreds of free activities for children on the Oxford Owl website. You can search by activity type - maths, grammar, phonics, creative writing or even cooking! Or by age to get lots of relevant online games or print outs for your child - Oxford Owl

  • If your child likes nature and the outdoors this website looks great and if they don't then this is going to be a great way to get them interested! I will be following too. Wild Days was created to help you stay positive, by encouraging your kids to go wild while your outdoor options are limited. Wild Days are excited to have some of the best voices from the conservation and wildlife sector supporting Wild Days! Make sure to sign up and receive exclusive content from Michaela Strachan, Nick Baker, Birdgirl and Bella Lack - Wild Days

  • Merlins Education Toolbox, a FREE online resource hub helps parents deliver educational content to keep kids engaged and inspired. They have videos, worksheets, fun facts, craft ideas and more. Check them out here - Merlins Education Toolbox